Memento Mori

Missing Mini #6 - Timmothy Pitzen

December 28, 2020 Megan Delaune Season 1 Episode 15
Memento Mori
Missing Mini #6 - Timmothy Pitzen
Show Notes

6 year old Timmothy Pitzen disappeared after his mother, Amy, picked him up from school with his father Jim being completely oblivious. The two then went to a zoo, a water park, and their fancy hotel rooms from there. What seemed to be a fun impromptu trip between mother and son quickly turned into something more sinister as authorities found Amy dead from apparent suicide 3 days later in their hotel room. The most bizarre part? Timmothy was nowhere to be found. Authorities ended up finding a suicide note from Amy. One chilling part read, Timmothy is with somebody who loves him and will take care of him — and you'll never find him.

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