Memento Mori

Missing Mini #8 - Brandy Lynn Myers

January 11, 2021 Season 1 Episode 19
Memento Mori
Missing Mini #8 - Brandy Lynn Myers
Show Notes

 Brandy Lynn Myers is a white female with blue eyes and blonde hair who went missing on May 26th, 1992 in Phoenix, Arizona. Her age progression photo is progressed to age 31. Her date of birth is March 13th, 1979 and she would be 41 today. At the time she went missing she was 13 years old, 4 foot 9, and 75 to 85 pounds. She was wearing a green t-shirt, a denim skirt, white socks, and size 6 pink and white high top pro king sneakers. Brandy has scars on her upper left knee and on her cheek. Her ears are pierced and she wore pink and yellow large framed glasses. She has an oval-shaped strawberry birthmark. She was diagnosed with brain damage although I cannot find any information on if that affects her in a physical way or not that would be recognizable. Either way, be aware she has a medical condition. If you have seen Brandy or know anything at all, even something small, please come forward and call the Phoenix Police Department at 602-261-8042 or NCMEC at 1-800-THE-LOST.

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